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Suddenly unemployed. The news that you are being dismissed, or that the employment contract is not renewed, is devastating.

Many people then fall into a deep emotional hole, are full of self-doubt and plagued by existential fears. Often they do not come out of this low on their own and want to be out of shame from anyone, not even friends and family, help.

But exactly this behavior is wrong. You can not just give up, you have to get up and look ahead. In the beginning, of course, it is right and good to give in to the disappointment and get rid of all the pent-up stuff.

But then you have to draw new courage and strength for something new from that same bitterness and accept that you are now “unemployed”.

To help you survive this situation as unscathed as possible, you should adhere to the following advice:

Forget about your self-doubts

Forget about your self-doubts

Because it is precisely during the economic crisis that employees are dismissed not because of failures but because the financial burden on the employer was no longer sustainable. The procedure is generally based on the so-called “social selection principle”: First, those who are least financially responsible for the family and therefore considered to be more independent are dismissed. Employees who, due to their age or disability, are considered as “difficult to place” for new work, are at first spared in this social selection. It may not even be your personal fault that you have been fired.

Apart from mental rehabilitation, the financial and formal reorganization as well as the job search also play an important role.

Important in the job search is an innovative application management. These include, above all, creativity and initiative. Have the courage to start something new, different and lose the fear of the unknown. You should also lower your expectations and expectations. There are no jobs like sand and even if the pay and the conditions do not suit you optimally: A job is better than no job.

For financial and formal organization in unemployment, there are clear rules and guidelines. These should and must be strictly adhered to. Once you learn that you will be fired, you should contact the employment office. In other words, whose employment contract expires and is not renewed should report three months before the contract expires. Otherwise you have to report within 3 days after notice of termination at the employment office. Compliance with these deadlines is very important for several reasons. On the one hand, you are unemployed from the first day on which you are no longer employed and paid and from this day you have the right to financial support. If you have applied for it in time, it will be paid from this day. There are no retroactive payments. Secondly, if the deadline is not met, sanctions will be imposed in the form of non-payment of support. In the first 12 months you have the right to the “unemployment benefit I”. Anyone who owns private wealth or whose partner is a high earner does not receive financial support from the state. For Unemployment Benefit I, single persons receive 60% of their previous flat-rate net earnings, while unemployed persons with under-age children receive 67%. The former employer must certify the merit in writing. Another condition for entitlement to unemployment benefit I is that you have been insured for at least 12 months within two years of unemployment and have therefore paid unemployment insurance contributions. At the end of the 12 months unemployment benefit I, the payment of unemployment benefit II, better known as Hartz IV begins. Only in exceptional cases and for unemployed persons over 55 years the unemployment benefit I continues to be paid. You have to apply for the unemployment benefit I at the employment agency. There one must show identity card or passport, the social security number, the employment contract and the letter of termination or the temporary employment contract. Also all insurance contributions are taken over in unemployment by the employment office.

Be aware of what it means financially to be unemployed: you will have to do without much, especially in the leisure sector, and severely limit your household expenses. Your credit rating also declines: Banks do not grant loans to the unemployed.

In general, with sudden unemployment: keep a cool head, rethink and actively go looking for a job.

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